Custom Geometric Locket

I handmade this custom geometric locket after a client from the U.K. emailed me with her vision. Below you can see the process for this piece. 

Creating lockets requires quite a bit of engineering as the hinges and clasps need to fit perfectly for a solid open-close mechanism.

Initial client sketch - I was emailed this drawing

Taking this into account, I came up with this sketch,
after which we agreed to move forward. 

Cutting the silver frames

Combined frames with hinges and prongs for the opal

Combined piece - making the hinge


June 10, 2018 — Esin Nalbantoglu



May 09, 2018 — Esin Nalbantoglu

Inspiration // İlham

Serene, elegant, classic & understated - Some inspirations for the ring collection currently in progress. 

December 11, 2017 — Esin Nalbantoglu

Emma and her jewellery

Emma Krafft was my great-grandmother. I never actually met her, but have been told stories about how she was an elegant lady who always wore red lipstick with matching red nailpolish and that she had her hats specially made. 

My dear grandmother, Leyla Baydar had kept her mother's jewels and would sometimes gift them to us over the years on special occasions. The craftsmanship of the time is simply exquisite. Here are some truly vintage pieces for your viewing pleasure. 



December 06, 2017 — Esin Nalbantoglu