Traditional Kintsugi Kit

About the Traditional Kintsugi Kit:

Traditional Kintsugi is recommended for anyone who has tried the modern method and would like to take the next step in their Kintsugi journey. The difference with the traditional method is that the materials used are completely natural. The technique requires time and patience, and is a truly traditional Japanese art form. 

What you will find in the kit:

• Bengara Urushi 5g

• Ki (Seshime) Urushi 6g

• Tonoko Powder (10g)

• One Bamboo Kintsugi Stick

• A thin art brush for applying Urushi

• Alternative gold powder

• Sandpaper

• Cotton buds and rubber gloves

• User's guide

What is not included:

• White flour

• Cooking oil to clean brushes

• Masking tape

• Materials to make a Muro (cloth and box)

• A pen knife

• Wet wipes for cleaning

Extra information:

• Traditonal Kintsugi requires that you make a 'Muro' or box with conditions suitable for drying urushi. In order to make a Muro, you will need a carton or plastic box with a lid, and you will place a wet cloth or glass of water in the box, before placing the box in a warm area (preferably on a radiator)

• Keep urushi in a cool and dry place. The kit includes ziploc bags for this purpose. Bengara Urushi may be kept for up to one year in this way

• Kit contents are enough approximately for the repair of two medium-sized bowls, or one large vase or plate

• The Kit does not include objects for repair

• As the gold powder is not real gold, repairs made using the traditional Kintsugi kit are not suitable for food and drink, and should be used for decorative purposes only. Items cannot be placed in a dishwasher

A video guide on how to apply traditional Kintsugi:

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