Preserving tradition is the core of my design philosophy - traditions of jewellery making and also the preservation of heirloom jewellery pieces through the generations

Handmade and Ethical

With the approach of a professional designer and the hands of a certified jeweller and metalsmith, all orders are designed and handmade in Istanbul using traditional metalsmithing techniques. In contrast to machine made jewellery, handmade pieces both embody the spirit of the maker and are environmentally ethical.

Embodying the spirit of family traditions, each piece is designed and made to be treasured and passed down as a family heirloom.

Great care is taken into sourcing stones using ethical means and materials are reused and recycled whenever possible - to the highest design standards.

Local and Traditional Making

The Grand Bazaar, located in the center of Istanbul, can be defined as one of the world’s oldest and largest jewelry hubs, having been the centre of craft and trade activity for more than five centuries.

Trained by master craftsmen, Emma Krafft Jewellery is founded on the idea of preserving the jewellery making culture by looking at it through a modern design lens. Traditional methods are quickly disappearing due to machine making techniques, making new generation maker culture especially important in keeping the centuries-old traditions alive.