Seashell Signet

This vintage style sea-themed signet ring, featuring beautiful little shells and ocean-inspired fluorishes all around the center which displays your personal monogram or initials.

This ring can be customized with any letter or word (provided it fits) and is made in solid gold. This ring can be made for men or women and in your preferred size or color of gold. A phrase or letter may be written on the inside, too!

All designs are modelled and sent to you for approval before casting the final design. Prior to being a jeweller, I spent 10 years in a career as a graphic designer and therefore have a strong grasp of typography to be able to design a special symbol just for you.

Measurements: 10 x 12mm
Material: 8K or 14K solid gold (rose, white or yellow)

NOTES about our GOLD
• Though we do not hallmark the insides of all our rings (it can interfere with the outside design), please be assured that items labeled as gold are made in solid gold, not gold-filled or plated. You are welcome to have the rings tested by your local jeweler to guarantee the material's authenticity.
• 8K gold is a lower grade of gold and may darken slightly to a brass-like color with use. The photo shown in white is made from 14K white gold. 18K is a little more saturated in color as the amount of gold in the ring is significantly more.
• Our white gold is not rhodium-plated, so the gold may tinge towards yellow (14K) or gray (8K). This creates a more natural feel which goes with our vintage and nature-themed designs and does not require that the product be re-plated after a certain time.