'Faithful' Wedding Ring

Poesie, Poesy or Posey Rings were 15-17th century Lover's rings popular in England and France. Often embellished with words and phrases of love and lifetime commitment. This modern-day Poesy ring is inscribed with the word 'Faithful' to symbolize lifetime commitment and loyalty to the one you love.

• If you like, we can change the word 'Faithful' with another word of your choice (8 letters long!) for a small design fee. We can add fewer than 8 words too, and add symbols of your choice (heart, star, cross, etc.) This customization incurs an added fee. You may choose in the dropdown menu upon ordering, and note your customization in the order notes.

• Any text you would like on the inside is at no extra cost and we can add up to 20 characters, including spacing.

• A stone can be added to one of the facets of the ring, at an extra cost. Please inquire for details!

• We use Bodoni Sans Bold as the default font for inside ring engravings.
• It can also be made in any size, too! Please add in the order notes if you would like a specific mm diameter.
• Yes, this ring is available in thicker sizes for men, please contact me if you would like a price quote for a custom thickness.

• Material: 8, 14 or 18 Karat Solid Rose, Yellow or White Gold
• Dimensions: 3.5 mm wide, 1.5-2mm thick at different angles (may vary a fraction of a mm with size)

• Though we do not hallmark the insides of all our rings (it can interfere with the outside design), please be assured that items labeled as gold are made in solid gold, not gold-filled or plated. You are welcome to have the rings tested by your local jeweler to guarantee the material's authenticity.
• 8K gold is a lower grade of gold and may darken slightly to a brass-like color with use. The photo shown in white is made from 14K white gold. 18K is a little more saturated in color as the amount of gold in the ring is significantly more.
• Our white gold is not rhodium-plated, so the gold may tinge towards yellow (14K) or gray (8K). This creates a more natural feel which goes with our vintage and nature-themed designs and does not require that the product be re-plated after a certain time.