The Emma Krafft Sensibility

Photo: Kim Noorda

"The idea has taken root that in all of life – be it jobs, relationships, social life – we face utter failure unless we nurture our inner salesman. We are encouraged to create a glossy hyped-up version of ourselves to broadcast to the world."

(Quote from article: 'Is modesty still a virtue?, Financial Times - by  
The Emma Krafft sensibility embraces modesty - that which still considers our talents and capacities. It is strong but subtle, rooted in intelligence and embraces subtlety. In a world where everything is advertised to us, discovering something unique has become near nigh impossible. 
Funnily, I found the text below from a book on Parisian mannerisms quite relatable. 
When you can have anything
She doesn't have a ring on each finger or a big diamond on each ring. 
She doesn't wear a gold watch that costs as much as a fancy car.
In fact, she doesn't own a fancy car.
She doesn't carry an enormous designer bag.
But she might have a newspaper under her arm.
She might mention Sartre or Foucault in a conversation.
It's her personality that sparkles and nothing else:
the signs of intellectual wealth

(from How to be Parisian wherever you are by Ebury Press)


June 17, 2019 — Esin Nalbantoglu